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What Is Tagitol-V™?
Tagitol is a tagging agent developed to improve visualization of the bowel during virtual colonoscopy examinations. This low-density suspension of barium sulfate is a radiopaque contrast medium which works by marking any stool remaining in the patient's colon to distinguish it from surrounding tissue and the differentiation of possible polyps.

Is Tagitol-V™ Necessary For The Study?
Determining a patient's need for Tagitol is dependent upon the patient's bowel transit time, or the time required for a meal to move through the digestive tube before a bowel movement. Please use the following "bowel transit time" as a guide.

Use Tagitol-V™ If…
o The patient has a history of constipation
o The patient is diabetic
(diabetics experience a slowing of transit time)

Tagitol-V™ Is Not Necessary If…
o The patient has a history of normal bowel habits

Tagitol-V™ Preparation*
If Tagitol is recommended, the patient is required to consume three apple-favored 20mL bottles 24 hours prior to the scan, at the following times:
1 bottle at breakfast time
1 bottle at lunch time
1 bottle at dinner time

*Tagitol-V™ can be purchased for $30 at Diagnostic Imaging Associates' Omega, Glasgow and Brandywine locations. Patients can buy when picking up his/her Cleansing Preparation Kit.

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